Constipation, gas, acidity disappear with just 1 teaspoon of this at night

Constipation, gas, acidity disappear with just 1 teaspoon of this at night હિમેજ અત્યંત અસરકારક ઔષધી છે. તે વાળ ખરતા અટકાવે છે. અને વાળ ના વિકાસમાં વધારે પ્રોત્સાહન આપે છે. હિમેજમાં વિટામિન સી, લોહતત્વ, મેંગેનીઝ, સેલેનિયમ અને તાંબાની હાજરીના કારણે હિમેજ માથાને ખોપરીને અત્યંત મજબૂત અને શ્રેષ્ઠ બનાવે છે. ગેસની સમસ્યા લુખી, અળવી અને ઠંડી, ચંચળ હોય છે. હિમેજ કબજિયાતમાં એકદમ ચીકણું અને ગરમ વાયુનું ઉત્પન્ન કરનારા ઔષધિ કામમાં આવે છે. આજે અમે તમને જણાવીશું હીમેજના ફાયદાઓ વિશે.

Constipation, gas, acidity disappear with just 1 teaspoon of this at night

sedentary life lead to problems like gas, nausea and indigestion. Lack of exercise, not eating nutritious food and craving for fast food are the reasons why most people nowadays suffer from gas. The gas problem is very bad and it invites many diseases with it. It causes indigestion, headaches and even sour belching. Abdominal pain. No work seems to mind. But allopathy cannot be permanently diagnosed with drugs.

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Gastric or peptic ulcer:

It is the most common gastric ulcer. This happens when the acid and food inside the stomach is pushed from the stomach to the esophagus. Those who have such problems frequently should pay attention to some special things to get rid of this problem and treat it at home. What should be done to avoid sour belching of acidity?

  • Avoid high fat foods (oil-fried farsanas, ghee-mawa sweets, mouth-watering items, etc.).
  • Do not take chocolate, peppermint, other minted items, soda etc. as it may damage the esophagus and stomach. Which can cause acidity problems.
  • Avoid eating anything that makes you feel unwell. It happens that different things hurt for different people.
  • Do not go to bed immediately after eating. When sleeping, keep the head towards the head of the bed six inches high.
  • Losing weight and belly fat. Walk regularly.
  • If it is very windy, soak half a pound of ajmo in warm water thrice a day. Which will relieve abdominal pain and left side heart pain. Along with ajma, a little Sindh salt and two-three drops of lemon is also an elixir.
  • Add half a tola of fenugreek and half a tola of suwa to the half-roasted sugar. Then put the powder in an airtight container. Loss of half a pound three times a day eliminates flatulence, bloating, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.
  • To get rid of gas, mix ginger, saffron and ajmo, mix it with soda bicarbonate and drink it.
  • Mix lemon juice in hot water and drink it. The root cause of most diseases is gas.
  • The patient suffering from gas should drink lemon juice mixed with basil juice daily.
  • Making kokum, cardamom and sugar sauce eliminates bile.
  • Consumption of Kareli leaf juice causes vomiting or rash and destroys bile. This can be stopped by eating ghee and rice.
  • Pomegranate is good for bile. It is good for the heart. Pomegranate juice causes vomiting. It also cures pregnant vomiting. Pomegranate is very cool.
  • Consumption of kotha leaf chutney gives relief in bile.
  • Tamarind is biliary. In summer, it is beneficial to take jaggery in tamarind water for bile. Tamarind also clears diarrhea.
  • Getting sugar in tomato juice or soup and drinking it can get rid of biliary disorders.

Giving cumin powder with the juice of Alvi kuna leaves cures gallstones.
Tamarind is soaked in twice the amount of water for four hours, after boiling, when half of the water is left, remove it, get double sugar syrup in it, make syrup and drink 20 to 30 grams at night, it gives quick relief in gallstones.

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Home ayurvedic cure for chronic constipation

Soaking chiku in butter all night and eating it in the morning calms the bile rage. Chiku is hard to digest and maintain proper proportions according to one’s digestion.

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Drinking fresh pomegranate seed juice with powdered sugar calms any type of bile irritation.
Eating ripe bananas and ghee is beneficial in biliary diseases.
Gooseberry seeds are obtained with PC water and drinking sugar to cure bile disorders.

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Drinking the juice of purple peel in milk gives relief in vomiting and biliary disorders.

Drinking amla juice cures bile diseases.
Milk, pudding, mava products, sweeteners, malpuda, penda, ghee dishes in proper proportions alleviate bile.

  • Indigenous medicines for gas, indigestion, bile and sour belching
  • Mixing a little hing with cumin powder removes flatulence.
  • Roasted fenugreek and sleeping powder taken with water is very beneficial in flatulence,
  • Every night before going to bed, put two true isbaguls in the milk and swallow Lavanbhaskar to get rid of flatulence. However, taking Isabagul for a long time makes the muscles tight.
  • To eliminate the problem of gas, take roasted glass and pepper in equal proportions and make a powder to get relief in gas.

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