Monsoon Forecast Ambalal Rainfall Forecast

Monsoon Forecast: Ambalal Rainfall Forecast: The state received good rains with Biporjoy thunderstorm followed by most of the areas. Now again, when is the forecast of rain and when will the monsoon rain and when will the regular monsoon arrive, the farmer friends are waiting. Let’s know what is the prediction of Ambalal Patel in this matter and when are the chances of rain?

Monsoon forecast

Due to the storm, the parton of the monsoon was disturbed. Due to which the arrival of monsoon in Kerala has been delayed. Monsoon has not yet reached Gujarat properly. However, before the regular monsoon rains came, the rains were caused by storms first. Apart from this, some areas have also received heavy rainfall. Horticultural crops were damaged due to storm in some areas.

ગુજરાતી માં જાણવા અહીં ક્લીક કરો 

Generally monsoon season in Gujarat starts from 15th June. But sometimes it rains back and forth. However, monsoon is still far away from Gujarat. Monsoon has reached the end of Maharashtra by June 18. Therefore, it is estimated that it will reach Gujarat in the last week of June. Farmer friends are eagerly waiting for the arrival of regular monsoon rains in Gujarat.

It has rained due to the storm and now it is predicted that the rain will decrease. But due to the impact of the cyclone, the moisture from the Bay of Bengal will reach the central eastern part of the country. Hence, a rain system will form in the Bay of Bengal.

  • Ambalal Patel’s new forecast for rain
  • There is a chance of rain during June 27 to 30
  • Heavy rain is predicted in South Gujarat and Saurashtra

Rainy weather was seen in Gujarat after Biporjoy cyclone. Meanwhile, weather expert Ambalal Patel has made a prediction about the rain when the monsoon will arrive.

Ambalal Rain Forecast

According to Ambalal Patel’s forecast, there will be heavy rain in many districts of Gujarat from 27 to 30 June and early July. He said that during this period there are chances of heavy to very heavy rains in South Gujarat and Saurashtra. An activated circulation in the Bay of Bengal may result in heavy rainfall.

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